The Perfect setup

+ Brew your beer with a Brewster Beacon and one of our All-Grain-Kits.

+ Ferment your beer in a Ferminator Connect at a precise and stable temperature.

+ Connect a Graviator to measure the exact specific gravity and temperature directly in the beer and use Graviator to temperature adjust the Ferminator.

+ Monitor your Graviator and Ferminator Connect and beer on BrewCreator.com in real time.

Brewster Beacon 40

All grain brew system for making top notch quality craft beer at home. This baby will impress your friends and family and is big enough to brew 12,5-35 liters of beer in one go. Updated version: New Bottom Filter. Significantly reduces sediment and is easy to clean. Tilted display: For easier reading and programming. Telescopic overflow pipe: For boil dry protection. Reinforced mesh discs. Rolled edge at the bottom of the grain basket to make sure that the lower mesh disc can not fall out.


With over 120 different recipes, Brewolution has one of largest and most diverse selection of All-Grain-Kits in the world and we are constantly developing new ones. 
All kits have something in common, they are all made with high quality ingredients, specially selected for that recipe. An ingredient that must never be forgotten is the yeast. We do not use the same standard yeast for all our kits. We have developed our assortment of different yeasts that is specially selected for each All-Grain-Kit.
All our All-Grain-Kits contains the necessary malt, hops, yeast and if required also sugar and spices for a brew.
All you need is water and a home brew system. It's the shake 'n' bake solution for home brewers.


Wireless WiFi hydrometer and thermometer A Graviator measures the exact specific gravity and temperature directly in the liquid. You can follow the progress of your brew and see when your fermentation starts and when it is finished, in real time from any modern mobile, tablet or computer. Wireless charger is included when you buy a Graviator.

Ferminator Connect

With a Ferminator you can ferment at a precise and stable temperature, which ensures a perfect fermentation without difficulty. It is now possible to control your Ferminator online and see current temperatures and settings. Follow Ferminator Connect in real time from any modern mobile, tablet or computer. You can also control your Ferminator directly on the display. At room temp. (20°) the Ferminator can lower the temp. to 0° and raise it to 50°*.