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Welcome to the exciting world of homebrewing! Whether you're a seasoned brewer or just starting out, our homebrew shop is your ultimate destination for all things beer making. With our extensive selection of high-quality ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert guidance, we make beer making an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

At our homebrew shop, we believe that homebrewing is more than just a hobby; it's an art form. That's why we offer a wide range of products and services to support brewers at every level. From beginner kits to advanced brewing systems, we have everything you need to create your perfect batch of beer.

Brewolution is a trusted homebrew webshop that has been serving customers for over 10 years. Our commitment to safety and reliability has made us a favorite among shoppers. We offer a secure shopping experience with safe and convenient payment methods, ensuring your personal information is always protected. Shop with confidence at Brewolution, where quality, service, and security are our top priorities.

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The Perfect Setup for Homebrewing

+ Brew your beer with a Brewster Beacon

+ Ferment your beer in a Ferminator Connect at a precise and stable temperature

+ Connect a Graviator to measure the exact specific gravity and temperature directly in the beer and use Graviator to temperature adjust the Ferminator

+ Monitor your Graviator and Ferminator Connect and beer on in real time

Brew Box for Beer Making

Brew 4 liters of fantastic craft beer at home. With this equipment it’s so easy and simple to make your own craft beer. Perfect if you want to brew your own beer or need the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary and other big events.


Brew Box

Brew 4 liters of fantastic craft beer at home. With this equipment it’s so easy and simple to make your own craft beer. Perfect if you want to brew your own beer or need the perfect gift for Father’s Day, birthday, anniversary and other big events.

Brewolution - If you love beer

Brewolution provides products and solutions for homebrewers, small and medium sized breweries and brew shops. We offer homebrewers and breweries a comprehensive range of products that cover the total needs for brewing beer, cider, seltzer, kombucha and many other exciting beverages. We have a strong focus on product development and creating innovative solutions. We achieve this by maintaining close collaboration with our customers and suppliers to identify the best solutions. By building strong value chains and partnerships, we ensure the delivery of high-quality products at the right price and time.

Ingredients and additives for brewing beer at home or commercial.

We have a wide range of ingredients within Malt, Hops, Yeast, Sugar, Spices etc. In addition, we also have cleaning products, bottles and capsules.


At Brewolution we have one of the largest selections of malt with more than 90 different types of malt etc. in our range. We have all the common malt types both basic malts and special malts, such as caramel malts and roasted malts. In addition, we also have a wide range of different additives such as grain flakes and Rice hulls. We are a distributor for some of the best malt suppliers, Castle Malting, Bestmalz and Crisp, and can therefore offer both Belgian, German, and English malt of the highest quality. We naturally also have a wide range of additionals such as sugars, species, lactose, dextrose, and maltodextrin.


With over 130 different recipes, Brewolution has largest and most diverse selection of All-Grain-Kits and we are constantly developing new ones. We have beer brew kits in all beer styles: Pilsner, Pale Ale, Amber Ale, IPA, NEIPA, Wheat Beer, Brown Ale, Belgian Triple, Belgian Dubbel, Porter... These are just a few examples, in our world of craft beer. All kits have one thing in common, they are all made with high quality ingredients, specially selected for that recipe. All our All-Grain-Kits contains the necessary malt, hops, yeast and if required - also sugar and spices for a brew of 23-25 liters.

Craft Beer Brew systems and equipment

We are the only company in Denmark that develop and produce brew systems and equipment. The Brewster brew system is developed by us at Brewolution, where we have taken all our experience and knowledge in construction of the brewing system. The Brewster Beacon is the most sold brew system in Denmark.
The world of home brewing has seen a significant increase in development in the variety and quality of brewing equipment. This development enables you, as a home brewer, to brew craft beer in a manner like commercial breweries and often even better. You can now brew with brewing systems that match the efficiency of those used by professionals and commercials breweries, allowing you to make craft high-quality beer at home.

Ferment under pressure

You can ferment under pressure so that the CO2 is formed naturally. The FermZilla is plastic fermenter which allows you to witness the fermentation process in action and it can handle fermentation pressures of up to 2.4 bars. We have developed our own stainless-steel pressure conical fermenter, named Conicus Pro. It features a unique 3” sight glass that lets you easily monitor the beer/level and allows signals from a Graviator or similar digital hydrometer to pass through. It is equipped with all the necessary features and ports you require and can handle pressure up to 1 bar.

Innovative products for home brewing

We pioneered the market by introducing our innovative temperature-controlled fermentation chamber, known as the Ferminator. A Ferminator makes it easy to achieve a precise and consistent fermentation temperature, guaranteeing a flawless fermentation process without any challenges. With the Ferminator Connect it is now possible to control your Ferminator online and see current temperatures and settings online. We have also developed the Graviator, our wireless digital WiFi hydrometer and thermometer, that measures the exact specific gravity and temperature directly in the liquid. You can follow the progress of your brew from any modern mobile with BrewCreator. The Graviator is wireless charged.

Learn how to brew beer at home.

Is it difficult to make beer? No, not at all – we are here to help with guides. We have made many detailed video guides about the entire beer brewing process, so that you can learn it step by step.

Video guides

You will find video guides for all Brewster brew systems, Brew Box, Ferminator and Graviator, so it is quick and easy to get started.
We have created comprehensive video guides covering every aspect of the beer brewing process, enabling you to learn it step by step at your pace. These video guides are available for all our Brewster brew systems, Brew Box, Ferminator and Graviator, making it quick and easy to begin your brewing journey with our products.

New to home brewing craft beer

If you're new to home brewing and simply want to experience real brewing with malt and hops like the commercial breweries, then the Brew Box is the perfect solution for you. You do not need any special expertise or knowledge, and you can easily brew using a regular stovetop and some of the most common kitchen tools. The Brew Box equipment package includes all the necessary special equipment and malt, hops, fermenter, and bottles to get you started.